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Venetian Engraved Murano Glass Vase Avventurina

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Often called the Island of Glass, Murano has been known for glass making for 100’s of years. Our vendor partner selects the most exclusive, innovative and special works glass art from a variety of artisans from the island.  All items come with a guarantee certificate authenticating that the product is genuine Murano glass.

Exclusive Murano Collection vase in sky-blue, green, violet, black and avventurina.  Processing is called "engraved" by Murano artisans who engrave each piece in a long and meticulous way.  Each item is produced with Murano Glass and each piece is unique due to its handcrafted characteristics.

Size 15.34" H x 12.20" L

DSI = Drop Ship International 2-3 Weeks Delivery