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Umbria Terracotta Cachepot Clay Planter

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You will know that This cachepot was made freehand, because in the inside you can feel the grooves left by the hand thrown process and in most of them you can slip you fingers under the rim as well, a clear indication that no molds were used.

This cachepot was made with clay from Umbria, the finest terracotta available in the world. It is fully glazed inside out and following simple procedure, and can be left outdoors year-round full of soil even in frosting areas. For outdoor use in frosting area, it is necessary that your pots have good drainage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use,

Remember that in winter time it is better to leave soil in the pots than to leave the pots empty.

A genuine Tuscan look with this exclusive Frutta pattern. Masterfully hand-painted by Tuscan artisans, with festive color combinations and interesting shapes.

Size: 10"D. (Base), 16"D. (Top) and 13" High

DSD = Drop Ship Domestic 1-2 Weeks Delivery