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Blasco Premium Bota Wineskin with Wooden Spout

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In their workshop in the mountain town of Sigüenza, the Blasco family hand-assembles bota wineskins the way they have for generations.  A premium bota made from full-grain leather and a wooden spout. This traditional handcrafted wineskin has a modern touch - the interior is an easy care latex liner that can hold wine, water or any drink you want to carry.

Instead of the typical goatskin used on most botas, the exterior is thick, premium grade steer leather with a durable glossy finish. And because of the latex interior, this beautiful wineskin can be used for any beverage, even water, making it a great for bike rides, picnics or hikes through the forest. Share a drink with your friends and add the romance of old Spain to your next gathering.

This is a truly handcrafted product. Don't fall for the cheap imitations made in China - there is no comparison as far as quality. Crafting a bota takes a lot of time and experience. There are many steps in making a real wineskin. First, the leather is cut and sewn to make a tight pleating. Next, it is turned inside out and a latex interior is added. Finally, the bota spout is attached and the final touches are made.

Many of the pilgrims walking the road to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain would carry a bota with them to refresh themselves and friends during their long journey. This latex lined version is particularly helpful since it can carry wine or water, depending on your preference.

Before you first use the bota, rinse it with fresh water. Wash by hand with soapy water after use and allow to dry thoroughly. Care for the leather with saddle soap.

Top-grade leather

Traditional carved wooden spout

Easy-care latex interior

Holds wine, water or any liquid

Handmade - 40 step process

Size - 1 liter/1.05 quarts

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