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Marto Deluxe El Cid Tizona Sword

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Keeping a 2000 year old tradition alive, Marto manufacturers swords using quality Toledo Steel and the “secret of the temper”, high temperatures that deliver magical treatments and transformations of steel into works of art.  Established in 1961, Marto is actually a successor of the Toledo National Factory Of Weapons which was ordered to be constructed by King Charles III.

The El Cid Tizona sword is a reproduction of a sword that belonged to the Castilian knight Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, known as "El Cid Campeador" in the 11th century. He was the prototype of the knight and a loyal vassal who took part with his king, Alphonse VI, in the conquest of Toledo.

The Sword has a double-edged tempered steel blade, etched in 24K Gold on the upper part. The hilt is made in 24k gold plated cast metal with the handgrip wrapped in a metal wire, a two-lobes shaped pommel and downward curved quillons enlarging at their ends as leaves.

Overall Length: 100 cms - 39 ½”
Blade: AISI 440 Stainless Steel - 24K Gold etched
Handle: Zamak - 24K Gold plated

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