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Brigg Malacca Mens Traveler Umbrella

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Established in 1836, Thomas Brigg & Sons received their first Royal Appointment from Her Majesty Queen Victoria and became the first umbrella maker ever to be honored with an appointment. Further Royal Appointments were also bestowed by His Majesty King Edward VII and successive Monarchs. Thomas Brigg & Sons merged in 1943 with Swaine & Adeney, and were afterwards know as  Swaine, Adeney, Brigg & Sons.

The Brigg umbrella is famous for its high quality and long history supplying Royal Families, Prime Ministers and distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen around the World.

Today, they are still crafting reputedly the best umbrellas in the world in their workrooms in England.  The Brigg umbrella: an international byword for impeccable British craftsmanship. No self-respecting gentleman would carry anything else…

The original Malacca Traveller umbrella was beloved by our American cousins, but many feared that they would have trouble transporting it home on an Aircraft.

A little ingenuity was called for, so they came up with the Malacca Traveller umbrella. This has all of the aesthetic attributes of its predecessor: a refined Malacca cane with plated gold collar, but with an added advantage... The handle and tip can be removed so it can easily be transported in a suitcase.
Malacca wood handle, grown in the Straits of Malacca in Malaysia. 
Featuring a Birch wood shaft, black nylon canopy, and a 25" rib frame of high tensile strength, all components of the umbrella are made by hand in their Cambridge workshops.

Three piece assembly: handle, Birch wood shaft, tip Standard 25" - this is the rib size The overall length of a 25" from the curve of the top of the handle, down to the tip is 35.5"

DSI = Drop Ship International 2-3 Weeks Delivery