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About Finest Global Products

Finest Global Products was borne out of the belief that travel is more than just the experience you have in a place, it's what you take away from it. A country's iconic products-created by skilled artisans with a deep sense of tradition-embody its culture, allowing you to experience it again and again, long after you've returned home. We make these singular products available to the people who value them the most, and we do it because we're those people too.

Founder Steve has seen the world, collecting passport stamps in locations as far flung as India, South Africa and China. This passion for travel, combined with a fondness for history and the various craft traditions found world-wide, inspired FGP. It was on a trip to Thailand that Steve stumbled upon a group of teak workers in a remote area outside of Bangkok, coming away from that meeting with a hand-carved elephant of raw wood. He's sourced many extraordinary items from around the world since then, but the teak elephant from the Bangkok backwoods is still his favorite.

Along with his wife Sarah, Steve brings an appreciation for family-run business, big and small, to his sourcing of products. It's a concept that he believes makes the world go around, and it's one found around the world. Sarah's keen eye for discovering culturally-interesting things was honed over years of working in product design. Along with their team, Steve and Sarah combine their considerable experience to bring the world right to your doorstep in the form of its finest products. "We want our customers to find that piece that reminds them of their own journey into a country," says Steve. For that reason, FGP's curated collection puts storied, artisan-made items within reach, highlighting each country's iconic products and the often generations-old traditions behind them.